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Mouth Ulcers Causes and Treatment

Mouth ulcers causes remain a mystery. Mouth ulcers are sometimes known as Aphthous ulcers or canker sores. Mouth ulcers pictures usually reveals that these lesions occur on inside of the mouth, along the inner cheeks, tongue, soft palate, inner lips, floor of the mouth and rarely at the back of the throat. Even though mouth ulcers pictures appear frightful, these lesions are not life threatening but are extremely annoying. The ulcers usually measure anywhere from 2-7 mm and are often multiple.

Mouths ulcers may suddenly appear overnight like a small blister and then break open. The pain usually starts when the ulcer is exposed to air and mouth secretions.  Mouth ulcers are quite common and it is estimated that at least 1/10 adult will develop a mouth ulcer at some point in their lives. The ulcers are quite painful and the pain is often made worse during drinking, speaking, and eating spicy or hot foods. Moreover, the area around the ulcer also tends to become very sensitive to hot or cold items and causes a great deal of discomfort.
In some individuals, the ulcers persist for many weeks and can make social life embarrassing- one may not even be able to kiss properly. People who develop chronic or recurrent mouth ulcers often become depressed and feel isolated.

To date no cause of canker sores has been identified but some indicate that allergy may play a role. These ulcers are not caused by viruses or bacteria and are not contagious. Some experts believe that the mouth ulcers may be due to an allergic response.

The best guide to in mouth ulcer treatment is good oral hygiene. Even though many in mouth ulcer treatment remedies are sold in pharmacy stores, none has actually been shown to reduce the duration of the ulcer. However, some topical ointments may reduce the pain. Doctors recommend that once a mouth ulcer has developed the best thing to do is maintain good oral hygiene, brush the teeth several times a day and use a non-irritant mouthwash. Avoid using harsh toothpaste with lots of synthetic chemicals and do not use oral antibiotics. Antibiotics use can in fact make mouth ulcers worse. A variety of nutritional supplements are sold in food stores for mouth ulcer but in fact none has ever been proven to work clinically.

Other products that are often used to treat mouth ulcer include anti histamines, topical corticosteroids and local anesthetics. There are even lozenges that contain local anesthetics. These medications only relieve the pain but do not cure the ulcer. Rinsing the mouth with warm salt water may help some individuals.
Individuals who frequently induce trauma to their lips or cheeks during chewing should use an antibacterial mouthwash. However, over use of antibiotic containing mouthwashes is not recommended as it can lead to overgrowth of undesirable bacteria.
Mouth ulcers usually resolve spontaneously in 4-12 days. In some unlucky individual, they may recur. Irrespective of mouth ulcers causes, the best treatment is good oral hygiene and rinsing the mouth several times a day with warm water.